The 29th International Exhibition On Shoes And Leather Industry - Guangzhou

Data Source:Top Repute Company Limited


²  International Exhibition On Shoes And Leather Industry -Guangzhou   is the priority to introduce new machinery and equipment, products, materials, systems and technology and new company initiatives at the show, making it the most promising and indispensable event of the year.

Date: 28 – 31 /5/2019

Place: China Import and Export Fair Complex (Area B)


²  Other ActivitiesThe 38th International Footwear Conference

The 11th International Footwear Design Competition (11th IFDC)

A fair platform for worldwide young designer to explore their creativity on footwear designs in order to discover more talents and bring new ideas to footwear industry.

Date: 28/5/2019 11:00-14:00

Place: International Footwear Design Competition Area(12.2 Exhibition Hall)

Design Walk

A non-profit, non-commercial platform showcases stylish footwear, leather products and accessories which are sponsored by numerous renowned shows manufacturers, federation and international footwear association.

Place: (13.2 Exhibition Hall)

Technical Seminars

Professional speakers will be invited to share the present and future challenges and opportunities in the footwear and leather industries.